Custom Fit Face Mask for CPAP

We fit your mask to your face….not your face to your mask.

Unfortunately, many cases of sleep apnea can only be successfully treated with CPAP therapy. CPAP Therapy is still the foremost medical treatment for sleep apnea. However, research shows that CPAP compliance nationwaide is at best 50%. This is an alarming figure considering Sleep Apnea can be Life Threatning. For most people who fail to comply with CPAP treatment, the Mask is at the heart of their problem.

OC Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center

is the only facility in Southern California

that offers a true custom CPAP mask

Why So Much Non-Compliant CPAP Use? problems with the way the mask doesn’t fit….

  • mask leaks making noise
  • uncomfortable fit
  • strap or headgear discomfort
  • pressure on the lips causing tooth-related problems
  • pressure that causes sores on the face
  • lines on the face from straps
  • messed up hair from straps
  • latex allergies
  • claustophobia

OC Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center in Brea is the only facility in Orange County that offers a truly custom fit face mask just for CPAP machines users. Call us today to schedule a consultation, if you want an alternative to CPAP we can help with an FDS approved oral appliance. Call 714-529-5921 and get started today!

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  • Dr. Nebeker is Board Certified in Dental Sleep Medicine
  • We Place Patients First
  • We Are On Time for Appointments
  • In House Medical Billing
  • Very Caring Compassionate Staff
  • Dr. Nebeker is a Diplomat of The American Academy Of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Dr. Nebeker Has Authored & Published Scientific Articles on Sleep Apnea
  • Dr. Nebeker is a Sought After Speaker In The Medical & Dental Fields
  • Sole Provider for Some HMO Groups

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